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Hello there, I'm Shannon! I'm an active Domestic Goddess - I homeschool my two boys (ages 8 & 5), I run many online support groups. I'm a personal trainer for those with medical consideration, and I'm a nutritionist. I teach Sign Language to toddlers and homeschooled children. I also write articles for online publications. I was an aeronautical engineer before having my first child. Whew, there's plenty.

I'm what some people call organized, oh all right, they call me anal, too. But maintaining a certain level of organization and scheduling keeps me sane! When I had my boys,  I quit my full time career to stay home working part time instead - this ment a huge cut in pay. We had to find ways to cut corners and I had to learn to cook! (Ack!) Keeping organized helped keep me from getting overwhelmed.

This webinar has been developed after the hundreth person contacted me in tears, ready to give up as a failure. There's no need for that. What I do won't work for everyone, but I hope it will get you thinking. If you're thinking then you're trying, and if you're trying then you're not giving up!

In the years I've been coaching new mom's and new homeschoolers, I've realized no one is harder on us then ourselves. We hide in our caves too overwhelmed to answer the door, ashamed we're still in our PJ's at 2pm. Many mom's forget about taking care of themselves, so overwhelmed with the concept of taking care of everyone else. I'm firmly of the belief that if you don't take care of YOU then you'll be useless to the overwhelming tides of being a Domestic Diva. But, conversly, if you're not organized you'll never be able to relax enough to take care of yourself. This site is dedicated to finding out what works for you, by looking at what works for me.

Shannon, Domestic Goddess

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Organization, Schmorganization - this is our first lesson, that of cleaning out the clutter. Learning to clean out the junk from the diamonds is important. Let's face it, even if you have a lot of stuff, it looks better when it's all put away in it's place, I totally believe that this 'nice' equals less stressful. But finding a system that works, without adding to the stress is essential. We start with tackling the Dark Abyss - Closet space!

Clean Sweep - Believe it or not, there are ways to make cleaning easier, faster and (dare I say it?) more fun. In this page we look at earth friendly ways to clean out the grime, and ways to keep it gone!

Schedule Wrangling - this will be our largest collection of advice. If you haven't a clearly defined schedule then you'll likely never find time to clean anything! That means learning to Prioritize!

Cooking without Burnout! - again finding time to cook is essential to maintaining your health and that of your family. Sadly so many are turning to fast food because it's quick and easy - but this leads to a depression of our bodies systems, making us more easily overwhelmed by everyday bumps in the road.

Calling All Shoppers - Let's take the nightmare out of bargain shopping. Let's set up a clear line of attack. Both of these will make shopping less stressful and quicker!

Living Within a Budget - in these days and times all families are finding the bottom line more stressful. Many of us, with one or one.five incomes coming into the home can find the bottom line doubly troubling. Here are some techniques that will help you keep the bottom line in the black!

Loving ME! - this collection of advice is all about reconnecting with you as a person. Mom, cook, cleaner, lover, friend....these are all hat's you wear any given day, but they don't define you as a person. In this page I'll give fitness tips, as well as ways to de-stress and g